Fishing at Grange Farm Park

The exclusive nature of our park makes it a must for the dedicated angler! The excellent fishing we have to offer our guests and residents is completely complimentary and no day tickets are allowed. We have 2 large fully stocked lakes to choose from, both as thriving with life than the other.

Our first lake was established in 1986 and our second in 2001. They are both are planted with a variety of reeds and bull rushes, together with traditional bank side planting. The lakes are brimming with superb quality fish such as Mirrors and Common Carp weighing up to 15lb along with Tench and Silver Fish. The lakes are approximately 50m from all accommodation, with some being located right on the water’s edge. There is also a Tackle Shop next door to Grange Farm Park for all of your angling needs!

For the non-fishers we have a quiet 15 acres of gardens and countryside to relax in, and a quiet country lane perfect for a peaceful stroll with the dogs. Below are a few rules to safeguard our fishing stocks and ensure that you have an enjoyable visit to Grange Farm Park. Please read these rules carefully before you fish.


Our Fishing Rules:
• Fishing is restricted to residents of the park ONLY.
• Use only barbless hooks - barbed hooks are strictly forbidden.
• Baited rods are not to be left unattended at any time or for any reason.
• Strictly no bivvies, tents or shelters on the lake.
• No keep nets to be used on any lake at any time.
• No ground bait to be used.
• No day tickets and no closed season.
• Please be considerate to other fishers, for example no casting across swims.
• Mobile telephones ringing tone volumes should be kept to a minimum ideally turned on to silent or vibrate.
• Take all litter, all discarded line and unused bait home.
• Do not disturb wildlife, and please inform a member of staff should any wildlife become hurt or injured, hooked or entangled with line.
• Alcohol is not to be bought onto the lakes.
• Any photographs of notable fish caught, would be appreciated for our website and social media pages.
• Beware of our very greedy black Labradors, who WILL steal bait, no matter where or what it is in (yes they can even open zips and lids!)

Thank you for respecting our rules and regulations, Happy Fishing!